The conference will deliver a unique approach to recognizing the symptoms and treating addiction patients.


The main objectives of the Integrative Addiction 2015 will be to teach medical professionals on the following:-

  • Addiction as a wholistic body echosystem derangement
  • he interaction between stress, survivorship, pain, and addiction
  • The role of Hormonal imbalance in the disease of addiction
  • Never been discussed before – Effective natural therapies to treat sex addiction and obesity
  • The genetic and epigenetic influences on the disease of addiction
  • Introduction to Natural Addiction Medicine
  • Mitochondrial Restoration as an integral part to treat addiction
  • Psycho Neuroendocrine Immune Restoration essential to reverse addiction
  • New and Future Therapies in the horizon For Addiction treatment including stem therapy for Psycho Neuroendocrine Immune Restoration